Through The Hollow | MOLASSESS

MOLASSESS Sign To Season Of Mist

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of Dutch psychedelic rock ‘n roll formation Molassess. A new full length will be released in the fall of 2020.
The band, featuring four musicians from The Devil’s Blood, was beckoned to life as a commissioned performance for the 2019 edition of Roadburn Festival. Yet Molassess is not a continuation of a buried past, nor a celebration of a cherished collaborator, but a culmination of heartache, requisite resolution, a rediscovery of rage and the relighting of a fire that never really burned out.”
The Dutch six piece comments on the signing: “This newborn beast is growing vastly within us. Calling out in ways yet to explore. We are excited to become one with its ever expanding language the coming years. We will be its best host possible, together with our newly formed alliance. A call for adventurous spirit is reaching out its formless hands, moving forward in blatant celebration of the irrational. We are more than ready to surface and start pouring out this cosmic glue over mind and matter. Drunk on Molassess!”