Our upcoming album release tour “Where the Gloom Becomes Sound Europa 2021″ with Tribulation and Bølzer has been rescheduled.
See confirmed dates below!
“Where the Gloom Becomes Sound Europa 2021” dates:
17.09.2021 – Copenhagen (DK) – Pumpehuset
18.09.2021 – Hamburg (DE) – Gruenspan
19.09.2021 – Utrecht (NL) – De Helling
21.09.2021 – Vosselaar (BE) – Biebob
22.09.2021 – London (UK) – The Dome
23.09.2021 – Paris (FR) – Petit Bain
24.09.2021 – Milan (IT) – Slaughter Club
25.09.2021 – Aarburg (CH) – Musigburg
26.09.2021 – Essen (DE) – Turock
28.09.2021 – Heidelberg (DE) – Halle 2
29.09.2021 – Munich (DE) – Technikum
30.09.2021 – Krakow (PL) – Kwadrat
01.10.2021 – Prague (CZ) – Nova Chmelnice
02.10.2021 – Budapest (HU) – Barba Negra
03.10.2021 – Vienna (AT) – Szene
05.10.2021 – Berlin (DE) – Hole44
06.10.2021 – Malmo (SE) – Babel
08.10.2021 – Gothenburg (SE) – Valand
09.10. 2021 – Oslo (NO) – Parkteatret

MOLASSESS: Through the Void: A live conversation

Metal: Eye Witness had a live conversation with Farida Lemouchi (Molassess, The Devil’s Blood), being a first time ever for her.
“Through the Hollow”, the first Molassess full length album has just been released via Season of Mist (I did an overview of it a couple of weeks ago, you can read it here), so the opportunity seemed perfect to talk a little bit about things regarding the recording… and also to take a glance again to a past time that is gone, but that will never be forgotten: The Devil’s Blood.
I have conducted extensive audio interviews in the past with both Farida and Selim, so doing this again feels like being at home. Nothing more dear and close in Spirit than relate again to people you respect and that have left a strong impression in your senses, if we talk about music and art. And other things as well.


Today we can finally truly let go. And celebrate with great pride and a sense of relief the sprouting of this seed! May it blossom and infinitely resonate, may it shake hard shells of human soul and feed our lust for creation once more. This germ of a journey is out of our hands and free to spread wherever it desires.
Here’s to whatever it may become.
Through The Hollow!
You can buy your album here 



Our brother left us this diamond in the rough years ago. A riddle that kept resonating and found its way up and into our hearts time after time. It is with great pride, eternal love, an everburning fire and gratitude that we finally managed to climb its stairs. This is what we’ve found along the way, beneath its stirring coils.

‘Through the Hollow’, will be released on October 16. Pre-orders are available here Season of Mist

MOLASSESS announce European tour with TRIBULATION and BØLZER

Although times are anything but certain, the prospect of illuminating Europe with two strong allies in Tribulation and BØLZER stirs our hearts and charges us to move forward. Let’s hope our paths will be cleared and we can move beyond our first ever performance alongside this pack.

Onwards Through The Hollow!
Confirmed dates:
29.01.2021 – Copenhagen (DK) – Pumpehuset
30.01.2021 – Hamburg (DE) – Uebel/Gefährlich
31.01.2021 – Utrecht (NL) – De Helling
02.02.2021 – Vosselaar (BE) – Biebob
03.02.2021 – London (UK) – The Dome
04.02.2021 – Paris (FR) – Petit Bain
05.02.2021 – Milan (IT) – Slaughter Club
06.02.2021 – Bern (CH) – Dachstock
07.02.2021 – Essen (DE) – Turock
09.02.2021 – Heidelberg (DE) – Halle 2
10.02.2021 – Munich (DE) – Technikum
11.02.2021 – Krakow (PL) – Kwadrat
12.02.2021 – Prague (CZ) – Nova Chmelnice
13.02.2021 – Vienna (AT) – Szene
14.02.2021 – Budapest (HU) – A38
16.02.2021 – Berlin (DE) – Columbia Theater
17.02.2021 – Malmö (SE) – Babel
18.02.2021 – Oslo (NO) – Parkteatret
19.02.2021 – Gothenburg (SE) – Valand
20.02.2021 – Stockholm (SE) – Slaktkyrkan

MOLASSESS announce new album ‘Through the Hollow’

We have been impatiently waiting to reveal to you the embodiment of our first venture downwards. After our one and only performance as a new pack we kept on digging, and we can’t be more thrilled about where it has taken us so far: ‘Through The Hollow’. She proudly carries forth seeds of the past, present, and future and cuts loose entirely within the new sonic search of Molassess. We are deeply looking forward to show you what this means as it will soon surface. Keep an eye and ear out. Until soon.
Our first full length ‘Through the Hollow’ will see the light of day on October 16, via Season of Mist
1. Through the Hollow (11:06)
2. Get Out From Under (06:50)
3. Formless Hands (10:54)
4. Corpse of Mind (04:58)
5. The Maze of Stagnant Time (04:03)
6. I Am No Longer (06:21)
7. Death Is (04:54)
8. Tunnel (05:21)
9. The Devil Lives (10:33)
Total: 01:05:00
Through The Hollow | MOLASSES
Cover artwork by Max Rovers