Through The Hollow | MOLASSESS

MOLASSESS: Through the Void: A live conversation

Metal: Eye Witness had a live conversation with Farida Lemouchi (Molassess, The Devil’s Blood), being a first time ever for her.
“Through the Hollow”, the first Molassess full length album has just been released via Season of Mist (I did an overview of it a couple of weeks ago, you can read it here), so the opportunity seemed perfect to talk a little bit about things regarding the recording… and also to take a glance again to a past time that is gone, but that will never be forgotten: The Devil’s Blood.
I have conducted extensive audio interviews in the past with both Farida and Selim, so doing this again feels like being at home. Nothing more dear and close in Spirit than relate again to people you respect and that have left a strong impression in your senses, if we talk about music and art. And other things as well.